At POLYURETECH Srl, are performed and combined several manufacturing processes on different materials in order to supply mechanical solutions complete and ready to use.


The company is strongly skilled in processing high performance elastomeric polyurethane. With an hardness range from 5 Shore A to 95 Shore A it is suitable for many applications.

Casting of technical articles

Mold casting of polyurethane technical articles, complete of the necessary metal inserts.

The whole process is performed internally, from project development to product finishing.

Polyurethane coating of metal parts

Coating of metal parts with elastomeric polyurethane, in particular coating of rollers, wheels and bearings with diameters up to 2.500 mm and maximum length of 6.000 mm.

Please Notice: the company can also manufacture and supply the Metal parts to be coated.

Mechanical machining of polyurethane articles

Mechanical machining of polyurethane articles, especially whenever are requested very tight dimensional tolerances or a special surface finishing.

Please Notice: mechanical machining is also available for Metal and Technopolymers.

Surface treatment with spray polyurethane

Surface spray coating with high wear resistance polyurethane.

Please Notice: more kind of surface treatments are available if requested.

TPU injection molding

Injection molding of thermoplastic polyurethane articles.

Please Notice: injection molding is also available for Technopolymers.

Waterjet cutting of polyurethane sheets

Waterjet cutting of polyurethane sheets for manufacturing of profiles, gaskets and more.

Please Notice: waterjet cutting is also available for Technopolymers and Rubber.


Lavorazioni meccaniche su metalli 1

Mechanical machining of metal

Mechanical machining of metal components, in particular for the manufacturing of molds or parts to be coated with polyurethane or rubber.


Manufacturing processes of Technopolymers

Mechanical machining — Injection molding — Waterjet cutting


Processi di lavorazione su gomma 1

Manufacturing processes of rubber

Rollers and wheels coating — Manufacturing of technical articles — Waterjet cutting — Mechanical machining

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